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In order to accomplish the project safely, on time, and on budget, it’s essential to have the right equipment.  To determine the best type of crane(s) for your project, below is a list of questions we will review with you.

  1. Does your crane(s) need to be stationary or mobile?
    1. Tower or Pedestal crane?
    2. Mobile Crane?
  2. What is the application?
    1. For example: duty cycle, general construction, rental, oil field, port, loading and unloading, or any other specialized application
  3. What will be the terrain, climate, and general environment?
    1. Terrain: rough, paved, sandy, icy, etc.
    2. Climate: extreme hot or cold, snow and ice, humidity, etc.
    3. General Environment: dessert, barge, high altitude, etc.
    4. Changing Environment:
      1. Is the climate consistent or seasonal?
      2. Will the terrain change over time?
  4. Capacity
    1. How high does it need to reach?
    2. How far does it need to reach?
    3. How much weight does it need to lift?
    4. How fast does it need to lift?
  5. How remote is the site?
    1. What are the repair facilities on site?
    2. How fast can service support and parts reach you if needed?
  6. Options and Requests
    1. Do you have any special needs?
      1. I.e.: heavy duty cooling, artic package, boom extensions, jib and luffer, matting under crane, double cabin, LMI option, etc.
    2. What do the local laws and regulations require?
      1. Are certificates needed, such as GOST or CE?
  7. How many units?
  8. Commissioning, Training, and Warranty
    1. NOTE: We provide personal commissioning for all cranes we supply
    2. Do you or your staff require additional training beyond basic familiarization?
      1. Are periodic visits required?
    3. Is additional warranty desired?
  9. Pricing, Availability, and Delivery
    1. What is your budget?
    2. When do you need the crane(s) by?
    3. What is the best delivery method?

With this information in hand, together we can determine the best equipment for your project.